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QWhere are you allowed to ride?
You can ride wherever you want to, but it is required to park bicycle within the city cadastre (or another zone according to the package you have chosen) in a suitable, publicly accessible and visible place so the next user can easily find sharing bike. Avoid places where your bike could obstruct pedestrians, road traffic or communal greenery. Don't park on any public lawns or where the next user may not be able to get to it.
QIs it necessary to return bike to the station?
You can really park the bike in any publicly accessible and well-visible place in a city where it doesn’t get in the way of traffic and pedestrians. Our plan is to have more bikes available on the most frequent places, these places will be gradually added to the map. In the future we plan to award people who park our bikes at these places with free minutes.
QIs there possibility to ride for free?
Yes, every new client has after recharging the credit in min. amount 10 € ride for 30 min. free. Before each ride, the client must have at least 1 € of credit. It is required to have minimum credit in case of payment when using up free rides. If you cancel the registration and contract, your deposit and unused credit will be returned back to your bank account. However, it is possible to use free ride only once for one email address.
QCan I get a puncture?
No, you can‘t. Our bikes are designed specific as bikesharing bikes so the tyres are solid without tubes, which prevents our bikes from getting punctures.
QDo I have to pay deposit?
There is no need to pay a deposit before using the service. Your credit must be at least 1 € or you can choose from our pricing plans.
QHow can I pay for a ride on a bicycle?
You can pay either by using credit on your account, payment is deducted after every ride at the rate of €1 per hour (minute tariffing) or you can buy one of our discounted pricing plans suitable for frequent bike rides- „30 Days of cycling“ -ride for 30 days with a limit of 30 min per day for €5, Antik clients can ride 1 hour per day. Or „Whole season cycling“ - ride anytime until end of season (according to weather) and not worry about paying after each ride with a limit of up to 1 hour per day for €30, ANTIK clients can ride 2 hours per day.
QHow can I be sure, that my ride has really ended and I will not pay for any more time spent biking?
You finish your ride by fully closing the smart lock on the back wheel manually. If it’s done correctly you will get confirmation in the form of a beep from the bike and on the screen of the app.
QI can't close the smart lock after my ride. What should I do?
The spokes of the back wheel are probably stopping the smart lock from moving. Turn the back wheel and try again. The successful locking of the wheel is confirmed by a beep from the bicycle and information in your app.
QI found a bike on the street and QR code doesn’t load/ the smart lock won't open. What should I do?
That’s possible. The bike might be used by someone else, or it could be out of order due to a damage. Please, find another bike nearby. If it’s vissible damage, you can help us and other cyclists by clicking on the crossed tools symbol in the app and report it.
QI don´t want to use bikesharing anymore and I want my unused credit back.
You can cancel the contract with ANTIK in the app of course if you don´t use bike at the moment. Your remaining credit will be returned back to account you used for payment. We recommend considering if it makes more sense to keep the contract going, as the ANTIK bikesharing network is growing rapidly, and it will soon appear in other atractive cities and sightseeing locations. We will be happy to welcome you back on board. Re-registration with an email already used will only be possible after 30 days.
QI am an Antik client. Do I have any benefits?
Antik clients have multiple benefits. Their daily limit is twice as long as usual. This means that instead of 1 hour, Antik clients get 2 hours. Follow us, we are planning to add these benefits.
QAre there any vouchers for rides?
Yes, there are. In our app you can use voucher or prepay with any of our price plans. Vouchers can be won in various ANTIK competitions and or also if your employer buys them as benefit and so on. Follow us and don´t miss anything.
QAre the bikes mechanical or electric?
Season 2021 brings not only mechanical but also electrical bikes! In the app you can find them in the different section from mechanical bikes, just for diferentiation. For more info click here E-Bikesharing.
QThere is damage on the bike. Can I report it somewhere?
Yes, you can send reports via app in the case of a damage by selecting part of the bike which is not working properly. Just click crossed tools symbol.
QDo you have any tips for a suitable place for gathering bikes together?
Send us an e-mail at smartway@antik.sk and we will be happy to check the proposed location. We have already found a lot of useful stations by the tips of our users.
QIs bike monitored?
Yes, every bike is monitored by GPS following its location on the map and is also connected 24/7 to our central server via a mobile network. The monitoring centre alarm beeps every time improper movement of a bike is detected, so we can detect robberies etc.
QI think bikesharing „Verejný bicykel“ project is very good, how can I support it?
You can help us and other cyclists in many ways. You can stand back up a fallen bike if you find one on the street or move it to a better place, for example if it is blocking the road or pavement. We will be pleased to receive reports of bike damages via our app, too. You can spread the word about city bikesharing by making a post or article or share your experiences on a social network or propose a place or event for us to promote the service to others.
QI lost my phone during ride. Will I be charged for my ride until I find it?
No, you won’t be charged. You don't need your phone to confirm the end of ride. You just need to mechanically close the smart lock on the back wheel so that the bike sends information to the central server about the end of the period while you were using bike. However, it’s good to check right in the app if the end of ride is correct.
QIs it possible to park the bike so that nobody else can take it?
We plan to add this feature soon, especially for situations such as parking in front of a store etc. Follow us to be informed about the activation of this new feature.
QIs it possible to reserve a bike to prevent it from taking by someone else until I get it?
We plan to add this feature soon. It is not available at the moment, but we plan to add reservation function for exactly situations when you need to be sure your bike is waiting for you. Follow us on social networks to be informed.
QI’m Antik client and don’t have any benefits in the app
Make sure that you don’t have any debts towards Antik. If not, then make sure via app or Customer Zone that your registration credentials corresponds with your Customer Contract credentials. If that’s also isn’t the case, then request cancellation of an incorrectly created Customer Account via app in the My Account section, repeat if necessary. More info about Antik Clients benefits.
QWhat to do if the bike is damaged?
You can report any problem with bike by selecting part of the bike which is causing trouble. Our staff will be notified and will choose the best action to solve the problem, e.g. remote deactivation of the bike so it won’t be available for use until the issue is solved.
QHow to park bike correctly?
Place the public bicycle in a location that is freely accessible to other cyclists 24/7, preferably in a bicycle rack. Always use the bicycle stand if there is no rack. Never park on grass. Never park on a public greenery. When leaving the bicycle on a pavement, place it correctly so that there is at least 1.5 metres of free space for pedestrians. Do not lean it against buildings, as they may be damaged.
QI can’t unlock the bike
If you heard lock „click“ during unlocking via app and the bike seems to be still unlocked, gently turn the wheel to release metal part of the lock or try tu pull the lock to upper position manually.
QWhat should I do, if I want to make a complaint?
Please, send us and e-mail at smartway@antik.sk and we will send you a reclaim form.

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