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100% e-scootersharing
Quiet, emission-free ride in the city.
Covid-19 restrictions
in Košice
First 100% e-scootersharing and e-motosharing in Slovakia
15 minutes
for FREE!
Drive anywhere and return e-scooter or e-moto in the area of Košice. Free minutes when returning to Antik charging station.
Benefits for
Antik clients!
Antik clients pay less for each ride.

How to start a ride?

Read instructions about e-scooter driving.

Step 1
Using our ANTIK SmartWay app just unlock the e-scooter/e-moto by reading the QR code on handlebars or trunk in the back. Price list.
Step 2
Unplug the charging cable. Skip this step if the e-scooter/e-moto is not charging.
Step 3
Press the „trunk“ icon on handlebars to open the trunk and get the hemlet. Skip this step if you have your own helmet. Then you have to check if the registration card together with white/green cards are in the trunk. Put on protection head mask and helmet.
Step 4
Sit on the e-scooter/e-moto seat and pull up the stand.
Step 5
Green text „READY“ has to be displayed on the display. You can drive anywhere you need to, the only codition is to park e-scooter/ e-moto within the zone marked in the app, in suitable, publicly accessible and visible place for next user, ideally to Antik charging station. After you finish your ride, return the helmet in the trunk. Then you have to confirm returning the helmet in the app, also you have to confirm that documents (registration card and white/green cards) are in the trunk as well. After that, you have to take picture of e-scooter/ e-moto from both sides. Then the app is ready to confirm you the end of ride and the e-scooter/ e-moto is ready and set for next user.

Price list

Deposit and credit
0,15 €
/ min.
Antik client
0,10 €
/ min.
No deposit payment is required. It‘s neccessary to have a minimum credit in Antik Pay wallet - all in ANTIK SmartWay app.
0€ for everybody.
Minimum credit for riding is 1€
Return cost
0€ return whether it is to the Antik charging station or not
1 € or 2 € according to zone
70€ return outside of the city
5 minutes for FREE after every 10 minute long ride when returning to ANTIK charging station.

Available e-scooters and e-motos in Košice

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Download our ANTIK SmartWay app before using our services. Register or login and top up your credit for the product.

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