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Powerbanks for 24 hours for FREE!
Charging your mobile no matter where!
Covid-19 restrictions
Hundreds of powerbanksharing in Slovakia!
Powerbanks for 24 hours for FREE until the offfer cancellation!
Powerbank box in your business working place!
Bring your business working place into sight for thousands of users. We’ll send you powerbank box for FREE! More info
Antik clients don’t have to pay deposit
Antik clients don’t have to pay deposit and have benefits even for other sharing services.

How does it work?

Step 1
Take your powerbank from powerbank box. Just register and read QR code. Price list info HERE.
Price list
Step 2
Take your powerbank anywhere with you. Don’t worry about time or place of return. More info in FAQ.
Step 3
Each return is terminated by mechanically sliding the powerbank into the box as far as possible. The app will confirm if you’ve done it correctly.

Price list

24 hours for free!
0,50 €
/ 24 hours
Powerbanks for 24 hours for FREE until the offfer cancellation! Relates to first time of using our powerbank sharing service. After that, our standard pricing applies, which is 0,50€/ 24 hours. Minimum credit for using our powerbanksharing service is 1 € on your account. No need to pay a deposit.

Available powerbanks

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Download our ANTIK SmartWay app before using our services. Register or login and top up your credit for the product.

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