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QWhat is powerbank sharing?
Powerbank is a small, handy and portable battery that contains all the necessary connectors: Micro USB, USB C and Lightning to charge your mobile phone, tablet or other types of devices comfortably, without the need for an electrical connection.
QHow many charges can a powerbank handle per rental?
Powerbank can charge a fully discharged phone / tablet,... for a single rental about twice, depending on the battery capacity of the device. The battery starts charging immediately after connecting to the device.
QIs it possible to get discharged powerbank?
This option is unlikely, as our system evaluates the state of charge of the powerbank in the charging box, and when borrowing it, the one that is most charged comes out. In addition, power banks in the box charge relatively quickly.
QCan powerbank charge multiple mobile phones at the same time?
Although powerbank has connectors for several types of devices, it also has protection, and when multiple devices are plugged in at the same time, it can be blocked and the powerbank will not charge.
QCan I charge the powerbank elsewhere than in a dedicated box?
We do not recommend this option. Powerbank may be damaged when you charge it elsewhere than in the designated box. We recommend that you return the powerbank to the charging box that belongs to the ANTIK Shared powerbank network "Verejná batéria”.
QCan I return the powerbank to another charging box from ANTIK?
Of course, you can also return the powerbank to a different box than the one where you originally borrowed the powerbank from. On the map in the ANTIK SmartWay application you can see which charging box has a free slot for placing the powerbank and is closest to you and return it to you where it is most convenient for you.
QWhat should I do if I cannot insert the powerbank into the charging box?
Be sure to push the cable from the backside of the powerbank properly into the gap so that it does not stick out of its area. If box still does not want to receive the powerbank, call the NON-STOP Service +421 650 777 888.
QDo I have to pay deposit?
No, no deposit is required. Consequently, it is necessary to have min. 1 € on your account for its use.
QHow do I pay for using a powerbank?
You need to have a top-up credit of at least 1 € to rent. Subsequently, after returning the powerbank, you will be charged only 0,50 € for up tu 24 hours.
QHow long can I use a powerbank?
You can borrow powerbank for a maximum of 7 days from the time it is rented; after this period, the customer is obliged to pay a fine of € 30 and pay a penalty of € 1 per every 24 hours.
QHow to be sure that I actually returned the powerbank to the charging box?
Each return is terminated by mechanically sliding the powerbank into the box as far as possible. If you do this correctly, the application on your phone will confirm the termination of the rental shortly afterwards.
QI found an available powerbank in charging box, but after loading the QR code I can't pull it out and borrow it. How should I proceed?
Powerbank is probably down due to a malfunction. Please choose another charging box. If the box has any mistake, please, contact us on the NON-STOP line +421 650 777 888.
QI don’t want to use ANTIK services anymore and I wan’t to return remaining credit.
The termination of the contract with ANTIK can be requested directly in the app, in the Settings section, of course if the powerbank isn’t rented at the moment. We will automatically refund remaining credit to the card or account you used to pay from within a few days. Maybe it is not worth to do it as we are expanding our network with new cities and attractive localities, so we will be happy to welcome you back. Re-registration with an e-mail that had been previously used will be allowed after 30 days.
QDo you have an idea for a suitable boxing location in the city / business?
Contact us at smartway@antik.sk. We'll be glad. Thank you in advance.
QDuring the rent I lost my phone and powerbank. Will you add me an extra time and cost?
In this case, please immediately call the NON-STOP Service 421 650 777 888 or contant us at smartway@antik.sk
QIs it possible to book a powerbank in advance?
This option is not available yet. We are gradually preparing and improving the entire borrowing process, so stay with us and stay informed.
QWhat should I do, if I want to make a complaint?
Please, contact us at reklamacie@verejnabateria.sk and we will send you a reclaim form.
QI’m Antik client and don’t have any benefits in the app
Make sure that you don’t have any debts towards Antik. If not, then make sure via app or Customer Zone that your registration credentials corresponds with your Customer Contract credentials. If that’s also isn’t the case, then request cancellation of an incorrectly created Customer Account via app in the My Account section, repeat if necessary. More info about Antik Clients benefits.

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