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QWhere can I download the ANTIK SmartWay app to buy a ticket?
Download and install it from antiksmartway.sk web page, or from Google Play, App Store or Huawei AppGallery. Alternatively, scan the QR code on the public transport vehicle and then install the app.
QIs registration and login required in the app?
Yes, your registration and then login to the app is required to purchase your ticket. You will register electronically by providing your email address, confirming your acceptance of the service agreement and general terms and conditions. Then log in to the app and use it.
QDo I have to have any minimum credit to buy a ticket?
The minimum credit required to purchase a ticket is at least the amount of the default carrier's base fare. Of course, you can purchase a ticket(s) up to the maximum credit paid.
QDo I need an online Internet connection to purchase a ticket?
An online Internet connection is required and the app is ready for Android and iOS operating systems.
QIf I am a student and I am eligible for a discount, can I buy a discounted ticket?
Yes, you can purchase any discounted tickets that are provided by the carrier once you meet the discount eligibility requirements. You can even apply for discounts via app in the "% discount" section.
QWhen do I pay for my ticket, before or after the journey?
You pay for the virtual ticket before the journey, never after the journey. Therefore, you need to know in advance how long you will or want to travel and what kind of ticket you will use, whether regular or discounted, according to the current ANTIK Virtual Ticket Service Tariff.
QHow to choose the right ticket?
You can choose the right ticket for you in the app according to the current offer and according to the transport and tariff terms and conditions of the carrier.

The second option is to scan the QR code on the vehicle before boarding and thus purchase your preferred ticket type from the carrier's current offer.
QIf I am still traveling, will my ticket renew automatically and/or can I change to another ticket type during the journey?
The ticket you have purchased will not renew automatically, it will simply expire after the time period for which it was purchased and it is simply no longer valid. It is also not possible to change the type of ticket. If you are still traveling, purchase another ticket.
QI purchased the ticket but it was not yet valid when I boarded the vehicle. Why?
You have selected a virtual ticket from the menu directly in the app. The ticket you selected becomes valid 90 seconds after you confirm your purchase. We therefore recommend you to purchase it in advance before boarding the vehicle or to use the instant purchase option using the QR code located at the vehicle door. It is a basic requirement of the carrier that you board the vehicle with a valid ticket.
QCan I buy multiple tickets for different passengers in the app?
Of course you can purchase multiple tickets. You can have a maximum of 40 virtual tickets purchased and active at any time, even for different passengers.
QHow do I present my virtual ticket in case of inspection?
You present the app and the ticket displayed in it, where the type of ticket, validity of the ticket and QR code is visible and it can be presented to the ticket inspector.
QI no longer want to use the app and I want to return the remaining credit.
Termination of the contract with ANTIK can be done directly in the app unless you are currently using one of app services. The remaining credit and any deposit will be refunded automatically within a few days to the card or account used by you for payment.

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