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QWhere are you allowed to ride?
You can ride wherever you want to within relevant zone. Please, keep in mind that in some areas it is prohibited to park or end the ride. Also please respect, that in some areas is driving limited to 10 km/h. You can find all restrictions in the SmartWay app. The only condition is to return e-scooter to ANTIK charging station (the best way) or in a suitable, publicly accessible and visible place so the next user can easily find it. Avoid places where e-scooter could obstruct pedestrians, road traffic or communal greenery. Don't park on any public lawns or where next user may not be able to get to it. Return to ANTIK charging station is for free.
QIs it necessary to return e-scooter to a station?
ANTIK e-scooter is possible to return by following rules:
  • If you return e-scooter to ANTIK charging station with more than 10 minutes long ride, we’ll reward you with 5 free minutes for the next ride.
  • If client returns e-scooter to defined return zones within the area of use (zones)– city and not to ANTIK charging station there is charge of 1 €.
  • • If client returns e-scooter outside of area of use (zone)– city there is charge of 70 €.
QI found a free e-scooter on the street, but I cannot load QR code. What should I do?
It‘ possible, somebody else could get e-scooter, or it may be out of service due to damage. Please, choose another e-scooter. If e-scooter has visible failure, you can help us and other drivers by letting us know through app in section marked with crossed tools as a service report.
QI don´t want to ride anymore and want to return deposit and remaining credit.
Termination of the contract is possible to do directly in the app of course if you don´t have some Antik device unlocked at the moment. Deposit and remaining credit will be returned in a few days automatically to card or account you used to pay from. Maybe it is not worth to do it as we are expanding our network with new cities and attractive localities, so we will be happy to welcome you back. Re-registration with e-mail that had been previously used will be allowed after 30 days.
QI´m ANTIK client. Do I have any benefits?
ANTIK clients have several benefits. Deposit for e-scooter is for free and riding is cheaper, instead of 0,10 €/1 min you pay only 0,05 €/1 min. Follow us to find out more benefits.
QDoes deposit applies both for bikesharing and scootersharing on the same account?
If you are ANTIK client, yes, you don’t have to pay deposit for scootersharing. If you are not ANTIK client and have paid 20 € deposit for bikesharing, it applies for scootershring as well.
QDo I need a driving licence?
For using ANTIK e-scooter it is not necessary to have driving licence, however minimal age for riding an e-scooter is 18 years.
QAre there any vouchers for a ride?
Yes. You can also use a voucher for free minutes. Vouchers can be won in various ANTIK competitions and so on. Follow us and don´t miss anything.
QI have problematic e-scooter, can I report it?
Yes, in case of any problem there is an option to report it by marking specific part of the e-scooter, where the error is.
QDo you have suitable place to gather e-scooters?
Contact us at smartway@antik.sk and we will be happy to check the place. We have obtained many places for e-scooter stations thanks to the tips from our fans. However, we want to add ANTIK charging stations to e-scooter stations, where it is possible to charge the e-scooter.
QIs e-scooter monitored?
Yes, every e-scooter is monitored by GPS unit to determine its location on the map and is nonstop connected via GSM network with ANTIK headquarter to calculate driving time and subsequent charging. Every e-scooter is immediately alarmed in case of unwanted movement without renting in our system, where we can find it in case of theft.
QI like scootersharing project, how can I support it?
You can help us in many ways, e. g. if you find fallen e-scooter on the ground, you can put it back on the stand, or move to appropriate place, so it won´t block sidewalk. We will be glad, if you report problem with e-scooter via app. Also, we will appreciate if you could make an article about the project, share your experience on social network, or offer us good place to promote the project.
QI lost my phone during ride. Will I be charged for my ride until I find it?
You have to be careful as it is necessary to confirm the end of the ride in the app. When this happens, try to report it as soon as possible by phone at +421 650 777 888.
QWhat should I do, if I want to make a complaint?
Please, send us an e-mail at smartway@antik.sk and we will send you a reclaim form.
QI’m Antik client and don’t have any benefits in the app
Make sure that you don’t have any debts towards Antik. If not, then make sure via app or Customer Zone that your registration credentials corresponds with your Customer Contract credentials. If that’s also isn’t the case, then request cancellation of an incorrectly created Customer Account via app in the My Account section, repeat if necessary. More info about Antik Clients benefits.

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